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About Pat Cocco & Seville Tailors

Pat Cocco, Seville Tailors

At the age of ten Pat Cocco began the apprenticeship in his home town of Morrone del Sannio, Italy, that would eventually lead him to his present status as Master Tailor.

He served as a designer and product developer for over twenty years with two of Vancouver’s most prestigious manufacturers before deciding to form Seville Tailors.

Our Commitment to You

Our unconditional commitment is to ensure the complete satisfaction of the person for whom we all work, Our Client. The ownership of a Seville-Tailored garment must be one of prime and satisfaction. This will be achieved by the following Code of Ethics:

  • Being totally honest with the client.
  • Acknowledging that we all work as a team in a collegial atmosphere.
  • That communication is open and constructive.
  • Accepting that as a team player, nobody can achieve their best until I have done my best.

The success in achieving this mission will not only measured by an increased market share and profits, but more particularly by the satisfied clients who choose Seville as Their Personal Tailor.

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