Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, every man can look sharp with a slim fit suit – as long as it is tailored correctly. If you want to rock your next event, whether that be at your office, school, church, friend’s wedding or any other occasion, a slim fit suit is a must. Gone are the days of loose pant legs and roomy jackets. Keep these factors in mind when buying a slim-fitting suit:


To get a perfectly fitting suit of any cut, you must have exact measurements taken. It is imperative to have accurate measurements taken, especially in suits, to ensure a perfect fit with no errors. Most tailors and clothing stores should have trained staff that can take your measurements correctly.

Solid Colour

If you are buying your first slim-fitting suit, consider sticking to a solid colour such as black, grey or navy blue. You don’t have to be afraid to pick a non-traditional colour or patterned suit though. Everyone can look good in a slim suit as long as they are smart with their colour and pattern choice.


When in doubt about the material for your slim suit, choose wool. It can keep you warm when it is cool out and keep you cool when it is warm out, making it a practical and stylish choice. You can wear it in any season as long as you dry clean it regularly. If you want a sharper look though, go with cotton. It can also be worn in every season like wool, but cotton needs to be straightened regularly to retain its shape.

Tie Colour

Now that you have chosen a suit, you need a tie to match it. A slim-fitting suit goes best with a slim tie. You can pick either a regular tie or an ultra-skinny one. If you are having trouble deciding, you can select the right size tie by matching the width of it to the width of your jacket lapel. The right tie is essential for making a slim suit look sharp.

There are many benefits to choosing a slim-fitting suit over outdated styles. You will gain self-confidence while you wear it to the office, church, or any other event. Be sure to consider these factors when buying a slim suit but, most importantly, pay attention to its fit. Even if you pick the right suit size, chances are, you will still need to get it tailored to fit your body perfectly.

While all suits should fit correctly, it is even more critical for a slim suit to be tailored to you specifically. The experienced tailors at Seville Tailors have worked with a variety of suit styles, ensuring they all fit precisely. Make sure your suit looks sharp by booking an appointment with us today.