Whether it’s a piece of clothing you got when you were little or something you found in your favourite store, we all want to keep our clothing items clean and in good condition. Without the proper care for suits and other clothing items, you are wasting your money on items that cannot be worn anymore. Aftercare for your wool suits is extremely important, especially if you want to keep them in good shape. These suits are made from a delicate and fragile material that needs to be cleaned properly. You will most likely be wearing these suits to important meetings and events, and this is why you want the suit to have no wrinkles or stains.

Avoid dry cleaning for your suits made out of wool, and the chemicals used can wreak havoc on delicate fibres over time. You can still take your suit for dry cleaning, but you want to avoid doing it often. We recommend that you take your suit for dry cleaning at least one to three times a year. Dab stains out of your suits, you never want to scrub vigorously at the material. This can damage it. If you ever spill wine on yourself, try your best to avoid using too much force when scrubbing the stain.

Steam out creases from your suits, and you don’t need to take your suit to the dry cleaners if it is only looking a little bit crumpled. Steamers are worth the investment if you are a person who wears suits to work and other events. You never want to iron your suits because the heat can burn the fibres, and the pressure can upset the structure of the weave. Consider giving your suit a brush, and you should be doing this for all your clothing items. Brushing your suits will help get any debris or dirt out of your suit, and it will also remove dog hair.

Aftercare for your wool suits all starts with the right plan and the right tools, and it is cheaper and more efficient to take care of your suits yourself. It is important to remember that you should limit the number of times you see a dry cleaner. If you are looking for tailors or custom suits in Vancouver, contact Seville Tailors.