There is a lot that goes into planning for that big day, including your suit! We know you want to look your best next to your partner and Seville Tailors will make that possible. From the most formal of weddings to the more casual, there is a suit that works perfectly. The groom’s suit needs to fit in well with the wedding theme and that’s why it’s important to understand each different type of suit and the theme it fits!

Here’s a guide to the different types of grooms wear for the wedding day:


Formal Black Tie Weddings



Evening Tail Suit

The Evening Tail Suit is the epitome of formality and is best suited for an elite and extravagant wedding. It includes a black tailcoat which is worn open, with a pair of black trousers to match, a white shirt underneath with a detachable collar. Some also choose a bow tie, waistcoat and leather shoes.


Classic Wedding Tuxedo

The most popular of options, a classic black wedding tuxedo carries the perfect essence of formality and class. This traditional tux goes best paired with a black tie and always includes a satin trim. Some go for a navy blue satin for a modern touch, while still staying formal.


Dinner Suits

Dinner suits still have a formality to them, just without the suit tails. Typically, paired with a bow tie, you can choose between a single-breasted or double-breasted suit. A white and black combination sets a very traditional tone.


Semi-Formal Weddings



Business Suits

Perfect for a balance between semi-formal and modern, a business suit is a great choice. Whether single or double-breasted, paired with a solid or patterned tie, the choice is yours. Navy, grey and black add a sleek, formality and pair perfectly with any wedding dress.


Casual Weddings




Casual weddings, whether on the beach or in a rustic barn, call for a two-piece suit. You can decide on whether you want to include a waistcoat, but it certainly isn’t necessary. You also don’t have to follow the standard black and white and can opt for light pastel colours or white.


Lounge Suits

A perfect choice for a beach destination wedding, lounge suits are comfortable and casual. Light nude colours or medium colours go great with or without a tie and fit the beach theme perfectly.


Add A Vest

Swapping a suit jacket for a vest is perfect for a casual, unique take. Have it buttoned up all the way during the day and then for the evening, undo a few.

Whether your big day is formal, semi-formal or casual, Seville Tailors can create the perfect suit for your personal style. Our staff of professionals tailors amazing, high-quality custom suits in Vancouver for any special occasion. With over 60 years of experience, our company is committed to providing excellent, original suits for you.

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