There is a lot more to staff uniforms than meets the eye. Uniforms are a great equalizer. Wearing a uniform evokes a sense of pride and association with the company. It is also a marketing tool for a brand. It is important to consider the colours and trends while choosing the style. Consider these factors: 

Quality and Consistency 

If your company has branches in multiple locations, it is important to stick with the same style and colours to build brand consistency. The quality of the fabric is of the utmost importance. High-quality, durable fabric reflects the company’s values, their focus on delivering the best in every aspect of the business and attention to small details. It also sends the same message to the staff, building their confidence and trust in the company. 

High-quality and consistency in every employee across all levels make them feel that they matter and have a vital role in the organization, unifying all. No matter how far apart the branches are, sticking to high-quality and consistency in style and cut is important.

Build Brand Identity

Staff uniforms are an advertising tool for your company. The colours, logo, images and tagline are marketing materials that are visible to all, wherever your employee wears them. This makes every employee wearing the uniform a brand ambassador. If they love their uniform and wear it with pride, it gives a positive image of your company to clients and consumers and creates greater awareness for your brand. Wearing the same uniform creates a feeling of kinship and solidarity among the staff and instils a sense of camaraderie when they recognize each other outside the office or travel together. Fostering team spirit is the perfect way to build productivity and ROI.

Comfort and Maintenance 

Your staff uniform must be easy-to-maintain. An unclean uniform makes a poor impression on clients and customers. The fabric must be easy to wash, dry, iron, and the colours must not fade with frequent washing. The cut must complement every unique shape and personality so the wearer feels confident and attractive. Despite the uniformity, the styles must be customized for the best fit and all safety measures need to be taken to minimize accidents. Colours have a psychological impact on people. Take care to make sure the uniform colour appeals to all while complementing the brand’s own colours. Last, but not least, let’s not forget comfort. Comfort enhances confidence and eases while wearing it for long hours. Take the weather, temperature and environmental conditions of the staff while designing it. The uniform must be functional in these situations. 

Seville Tailors

At Seville tailors, our expert in-house master tailor makes your staff look well turned out, sharp and professional with custom cuts. We look into retail uniform trends and little details to give you the competitive edge to make sure your employees feel proud to wear their uniforms. Call us for consultation.