Unless you have the exact dimensions of a runway model, you will likely need to have many of your clothes tailored. Most clothing is designed to fit a variety of body types so that it can be sold to more people. That means pants and shirt sleeves tend to run long, and extra fabric is added to the width of garments. You should always have new clothes tailored to your body for a sleek look. Even the priciest clothes can look drab if they do not fit correctly. But, you should not trust anyone with your new clothes. Here are some factors to consider before picking a tailor:


You are solely responsible for how you present yourself to the world. Become familiar with what fits look best on your body so that you can be as clear as possible with your tailor.


Ask stylish friends or local menswear stores for recommendations. They will likely have better insight than online reviewers. You should still compare online reviews of the tailors you have narrowed down, though.

Communication Skills

For your tailor to give you exactly what you want, they have to understand what you are looking for. You want to make sure you are both on the same page before any fabric is cut. Test their skills by asking if they can shorten the length of a jacket sleeve from the shoulder. Difficult alterations like this one are the difference between a mere seamster and a tailor.

Visit the Store

If you would be disgusted if someone dropped your garment on the tailor’s floor, then it is probably not the best place to drop off your clothes. The best tailor work in clean and organized environments because, to them, presentation is everything.

Check Their Work

Ask to see a garment they just altered. You do not have to worry about coming off fussy as an experienced tailor will be proud to show off their work. Look for loose threads and whether the finished product is clean.


Every tailor has its limitations, and they should be well aware of theirs. They should want to please you, but they should also be honest about their ability to do high-risk alterations.

Test Them

Start by giving them an item that you are not that financially or emotionally invested in. See if they are paying attention to how everything fits – not just the area you asked them to change. The best tailors make recommendations that you did not notice.

Build Rapport

If they passed the first test, then it only makes sense to trust them with your other alterations. Be sure to pay attention to how they develop this relationship with you. Your tailor should remember your style preferences and not just push what they like. A great tailor will understand your needs but also nudge you in the right direction of a better fit.

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