One of the easiest ways to add class and panache to your ensemble is by adding a tie. Although no one is entirely sure about the origin of this accessory, there is no doubt that ties make you look professional, sophisticated and completes your look. Although it may seem simple, choosing the right style and design for your tie can be exceptionally challenging. When you are dressing for a formal event, the selection of your garment says a lot about you and your personality. It defines how you want someone else to perceive you as. Apart from your formal shirt, trousers and overcoat, your tie is the next most important thing that people notice about you at first glance.

Unfortunately, there are times when people are wearing the most flamboyant ties with the most miss placed suits. It creates a rather sharp personality contrast. So is there a right way of choosing a tie? According to Vancouver’s best tailors known for creating bespoke suits and shirts, there is a solid three-step process on choosing a tie that will accentuate the impact of your tailored suit and shirts, whether you are attending a wedding in Burnaby or a conference in Vancouver.

Choosing a fabric

Although most of us invest significant thought in choosing a fabric for our suits, shirts and trousers, most of us expend little energy in choosing a fabric for the tie. There is no doubt that fabric is one of the most important aspects of your tie if you want to get the look right. One reason why many people tend to ignore tie fabric considerations is that ties do not come directly in contact with the body, hence their fabric is often considered immaterial. However, it is quite the contrast and choosing a flattering tie fabric can accentuate your look. It is best to opt for mixed or cotton material for formal occasions like conferences, official meetings, etc. When it comes to special events like parties and weddings, choose a silk fabric as it reflects light and looks much more vibrant.

Style of tie

Generally, there are three main styles of ties – classic, unlined and young. The classic is one of the averages and a common width and measures about three inches. Classic styles are suitable for any standard office wear and work almost in any scenario. If you are looking to buy ties for formal use, classic ties must rule your wardrobe. The young or slimline is slightly thinner and measures about 1.7 inches. They are perfect for weekend outings and clubbing. You can easily combine them with blazers, sports coats, and a pair of chinos. The unlined variation measures about 2.3 inches in width and is light in weight as compared to its classic and young counterparts.

The length of your tie

One of the most important aspects of your tie is its length. You may be surprised to notice that so many people wear the wrong lengths of a tie. One golden rule you need to adhere to when it comes to the length of the tie is that ties end at your belt. Period. After all, you do not want to fidget with your tie and have it hanging loosely between your legs when you are seated. And the shorter length of ties is extremely unimpressive and unacceptable.

In any case, it is important that your shirts, suits and trousers fit you appropriately to complete your look and give the perfect professional and personal impression. Seville Tailors make sure to use their years of experience and knowledge to create the most well-fitted and crafted suits and shirts that fit any body size and type impeccable. With their careful and fine stitching skills, your bespoke suits and shirts are likely to stand out just like your personality.