When you’re first invited to a formal event, it’s common to first feel ecstatic before the worry begins to set in. What, exactly, do you wear to a formal event? Does formal mean cocktail attire or black-tie? Instead of panicking and spending hours searching the internet for answers, here are five tips on how you can successfully get dressed for a formal event.

A Little Black Dress

There’s nothing more comforting than rocking your trusty little black dress to a formal function. You’re sure to look amazing in your favourite dress that’s never let you down in the past. While you can easily dress it down for other occasions, you can also dress it up with the right jewellery and other accessories.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

There’s nothing worse than limping around a fancy event because you’re shoes have become unbearably uncomfortable. While it’s your mission to look great for the night no matter what, causing yourself the pain is where we draw the line. Make sure your heels or loafers are properly broken in before the big night arrives. Or try wearing your shoes a few days before the event to see if you could survive having them on for hours.

Overdress and Impress

It’s best to stick with the safest choice when you aren’t sure what to wear to a formal event and pick something fancy. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed at formal functions. You’re sure to get tons of compliments and your outfit will be one to remember as the night goes on.

A Tuxedo

You can’t go wrong in choosing to rock a tuxedo to a formal event, especially if it’s a black-tie. Knowing that wearing a tuxedo is really your only choice for a highly formal event makes deciding what to wear that much easier. The only decision left now is what colour you should choose. The traditional black and white is always a safe bet if you’re scared to go too far out of the box. However, darker tones like navy blue can also look stunning. Now, all you need is a tuxedo jacket, trousers, vest, dress shirt, bow tie, cufflinks, a handkerchief and a comfortable pair of leather shoes.

Don’t Forget Statement Jewellery

You can take any outfit to the next level with some statement jewellery, whether it’s in the form of a bold necklace, stunning earrings or an eye-catching ring. And if you feel as though you’re slightly overdressed, then you can easily slip something off and stash it in your bag.

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