You always want to look your best at an event, whether it’s formal or casual. But it can be confusing to know exactly what color of shoes to pair with a suit. At Seville Tailors, we make this process easier for you. Here’s how you can choose the perfect shoe color to go with your suit.

Black Shoes With Black Suits

A classic black suit is always a great choice. Black shoes pair the best with black suits to give a sleek look. A traditional pair of black Oxford shoes are perfect for formal events but a black suit and black shoes may not work for casual events. Check out our custom-tailored luxury black suits to pair with your black shoes for formal gatherings.

Brown Shoes Go With Blue Suits

A blue suit is classic and conservative but with a modern twist. Navy blue suits especially demand attention and show the essence of style. Pairing brown shoes with a blue suit can blur the line between a more casual and formal look. You can wear this combination to more events than the black-on-black pairing. Our Gentleman Super 150’s suit in navy blue is a fashionable and classic choice for semi-formal events.

Black/Brown Shoes For Gray Suits

If you decide on a gray suit, it’s best to pair it with black and brown shoes for a distinguished look. A white dress shirt under a classic gray suit works well with sleek black shoes. Light gray suits go well with light brown or sleek tan shoes. Whether your gray suit is informal or formal, tan leather shoes add a subtle, but chic touch.

Tan Shoes with Champagne Suits

Champagne-colored suits are a great choice for the summer. Perfect for a wedding or a summer formal event, this light-colored suit needs light-colored shoes. Stick to tan shoes with a pop of white or light browns to pair. Never opt for dark colors, especially black because all the attention will go to your feet instead of the overall look.

White Suits Go Well With Tan

A full white suit is perfect for a cocktail party in the summer! Light brown and tan shoes pair well with a white suit for an elegant, fashionable look. A white suit is a very chic alternative to an all-black suit but unlike the black-on-black combo, white suits with white shoes are a no-go. Opt for Loafers or Oxford shoes to go with your white suit with a pastel-colored dress shirt underneath.

Seville Tailors has an impressive range of custom suits and tailored shirts in Vancouver. With over 60 years of experience, we are committed to providing suits of the highest quality at affordable prices. Our master tailor in Vancouver, Pat Cocco, ensures complete satisfaction and attractive options whether you are looking for a classic suit or a custom design, uniform or even a kilt. Contact Pat at Seville Tailors or stop by our shop to look and feel your best at your next event.