A suit requires special attention and care so that it remains in perfect condition, which will allow you to wear it longer and often.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s best to dry clean your suits because this will help them look clean and fresh. You shouldn’t do this too often, however, because it may cause the material to wear away and the natural fibers will no longer be able to hold up, resulting in an older-looking suit. For this reason, you should only get it dry cleaned when it is very dirty and the stains are clearly visible; otherwise, use a lint roller or clean spots using clean water and a soft towel to remove any small stains. If you do want to dry clean your suit, you should do it once a month and not more so that it doesn’t wear away unnecessarily.

A steamer will help prolong the life of your suit and is the only thing you should be using at home to keep your suit wrinkle-free. A regular dry iron should never be used and applying this tool to your suit will cause the fibers to burn and add a sheen to the material, so stay away from pressing with a normal iron, which will only ruin your suit. Steamers are great but if you feel like it’s not giving you the results you want, you should take your suit to the cleaners so that they can professionally press it for you.

Suits should always be hung in a closet so that they maintain their form. Throwing them on the floor or over a chair is never a good idea and hanging them will help with their condition. It is recommended to use wood hangers that have rounded edges because they offer a more natural shape that is more suitable for the shoulder area as it will fill it out better, allowing the suit jacket to sit better. When a suit is hung and sits properly, it will naturally return to its original drape so that it’s ready to be worn again.

If you ever need to pack your suit, the best way to do it is to turn the suit inside out and roll it. If you have seasonal suits that you put away for certain periods, be sure to dry clean it before you do this so that it maintains its condition and is ready to wear whenever you need it.

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