Many men assume that three-piece suits are appropriate for formal junctures exclusively. However, this classic suit does communicate elegance, sophistication, and most importantly, confidence, all of which can be donned for various events and purposes. The three-piece suit is made up of the suit itself, trouse, and the waistcoat. A waistcoat is what transforms a two-piece suit into a more dapper ensemble. 

Are you new to the stylish look and want to ensure you’re dressed to impress? Armed with knowledge from Seville Tailors, you’ll be three-piece savvy in no time.

How To Style A Three-Piece Suit

Every style of the suit has different rules that govern how to wear it properly. Although some choose to follow their own style path and tweak the suit to their liking, others prefer a traditional look. Use these guidelines as a reference when designing your three-piece look:

    • Opt for a single-breasted jacket: When the double-breasted suit jacket is buttoned up, it covers the majority of the waistcoat/vest. This can diminish your stylish look, so choose a single-breasted jacket that allows the vest to peek through and show off the added details.
    • Don’t forget the tie: A three-piece suit is a traditional, formal look that may appear incomplete without a tie. Omitting the necktie will lessen the desired stylish effect you hope to achieve.
    • Ensure there’s no gap: A vest that is not long enough will expose a gap between the bottom of the waistcoat and the waistband of the trousers, which appears ill-fitting. 
    • The last button remains undone: The last button on the waistcoat should be kept undone for comfort purposes as well as maintaining the suit’s trim and overall styled look. Some men also choose to follow the rule of “sometimes, always, never,” which refers to sometimes having the top buttoned, always have the middle buttoned and always leaving the last button undone.
    • The vest can be a different colour: A coordinated, matching look is classic and refined, but it’s equally stylish to switch up the vest. A waistcoat with a different pattern or colour than the rest of the suit can be fashion-forward and unique while remaining polished.


Where To Wear The Three-Piece Suit

There are some scenarios where a two-piece and three-piece suit can be interchangeable. However, donning a three-piece suit to an informal, casual day or evening event will leave you feeling and appearing out of place. The following are suggested events to wear a three-piece suit to:

  • Wedding: Ideal for the groom, guest or groomsman; a three-piece fits right in with this formal, magical moment.
  • Theater/Opera/Races: Perfect to show off your fashion-forward, refined look; operas and theatre play or even a day at the races require formal attire and a three-piece is highly appropriate.


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