Suits aren’t just for the men in the workforce. In 2021, suits aren’t even just for women in the workforce. Suits have become a fashion trend that is here to stay. Fashion suits are available in so many fun styles and colours. You can come up with more reasons to add a stunning suit to your closet than not.

Boxy Oversized Blazer
Turn heads while rocking a slightly oversized blazer over top of your outfit. A great staple for spring, summer, fall, or winter. If you don’t want to keep your blazer a neutral black, white, beige, or navy, try making a statement with a pop of colours like red, green, or even pastels. Whichever colour you chose, the silhouette is a classic.

Summer Dress shorts
Sometimes suit pants are too hot for summers in Burnaby. Why not try out a matching jacket and short set. Spice up the regular office look with some suit shorts, stay comfortable in warm weather and maintain style and class. Wear that same short suit out for a formal dinner instead of a dress or a skirt.

Wide Leg
One of the trendiest clothing trends right now is a wide leg. This style is flattering on everyone and makes a bold statement in the workplace or on the street. A wide-leg elongates every figure and works at any age.

Bold Prints and Colours
No more playing things safe. This year break out of your comfort zone with a bold coloured or patterned suit. Your coworkers and peers will commend you for taking such fearless fashion risks. Who knows, you might even start a trend amongst your friends.

Unique Silhouette
Really turn heads with an asymmetrical suit. Instantly level up your fashion game with one of these, keep the pants classic and go with a show-stopping unique blazer.

Have Fun With The Edges
Experiment with different hems, try thick or thin hems while maintaining a classic look. Try out scalloped edges on your blazer or pant legs for a suit style everyone at the office will want to copy.

Sleeveless Blazer Suit
Try another new take on a classic suit with a sleeveless blazer. Sleeveless blazers are a great way to dress down a suit. Rock one of these on a casual Friday or out for a brunch on Sunday. You will definitely get some compliments for this style.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a perfectly fitted classic suit. Whether you prefer pants or a suit, show up looking crisp to every office occasion, or formal function.

Regardless of the occasion and whatever style you select, have the expert tailors at Seville tailors in Burnaby craft it for you. We use the highest quality material, so your suit will fit you like a glove and last for years to come.