Tailored Excellence

"I was in the market for a custom two-piece suit and had sent emails to a few tailors in the greater Vancouver area to inquire. On a Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from Seville--from master tailor Pat Cocco himself. This personal touch sold me immediately, and the rest of my experience was similarly marked by this old-fashioned, unfussy attentiveness. At my initial sizing, I was immediately struck by the decor: the interior walls of Signor Cocco's store are covered in fabric, garments, and framed photographs of various celebrity personages wearing his unique creations. He beamed as he pointed out some of them: Donald Sutherland, James Earl Jones, John Cusack, Sean Bean. Add in the iconic white jackets from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic opening ceremony, and I quickly developed the impression that I was dealing with a master, someone whom everyone seemed to trust with the delicate responsibility of crafting beautiful clothing. After the sizing and initial fitting, I left his shop sharing this trust; the suit fits like a dream, has a wonderful timeless style, and I can't wait to find an excuse to return."
- Kyle Tillotson

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